You could always just hand-pick a good team like Brazil or Germany, but it is definitely more fun to draw a random one out of a hat, even though they might be pitifully bad.
Gareth Southgates England side, who begin their campaign against Tunisia in Volgograd on June 18, are tipped by most to reach the victoria's secret quickly giveaway quarter-finals this time around, with the Three Lions failing to make it out of their group four years ago in Brazil.
This is for you Saudi Arabias out there.
England routinely let everyone down at the.
As the most prestigious event in the international football calendar, the World Cup is a great opportunity to embrace the spirit of competition and share your love of the game.With the Three Lions always susceptible to tumbling out of the competition at a spirit-crushingly early stage, it is handy to have a second dog in the fight.There is however ways you can spice up the sweepstake to keep everyone engrossed.Step forward Danny Welbeck.The nation is gripped by World Cup fever.Fixture List, keep track of who has drawn which team and stay on top of the match times and dates with our full fixture list.It might sound tight, but its tough to get money off a losing punter.You can strut around the office gloating when your team lose 5-0.With the 2018 World Cup just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get involved and organise a fun sweepstake for the office or with friends.So youre prepared, download our sweepstake kit here.While World Cup fever is well and truly alive, theres one last thing you need to make sure youre prepared for the greatest show on earth.

Download your very own World Cup sweepstake kit below.
Get the money before hand, no pay no enter, cough it up, show me the money.
#5 Longest goal, tape measure at the ready, whoever scores the longest goal wins.
Can you pick the winner?
In partnership with the UKs leading football speakers agency, Champions Football Speakers, weve created a complete sweepstake kit with everything youll need to get your own game underway.Pick a team from the 32 qualifiers and let the drama unfold as they give it their all the be crowned champions of the world.Now, football isnt everyones cup of tea but throw some prize money in there and more often than not Sandra from accounts who is into Equestrian and Pilates will have a pop.Download and print your World Cup 2018 sweepstake kit here.Usually, you would draw out a team like this and it would hurt, but not now.Track the winners and losers and see whos due to play who in the next round.Here are Gefs suggestions that can be awarded in your office sweepstake; Alternative office sweepstake #1 The dirty buggers, dirtiest team in the competition, 1 point for a yellow card and 2 points for a red card, tie-breakk decided on who has more reds.TV times and fixtures, world Cup 2018 guide, eyebuydirect code promo flag laws.If you have enough people in your office maybe you can run a high stakes and low stakes sweepstake?Oh well, its all a bit of fun.