After Walt died in 1966, the space became an area for telephone operators and over the years had various different uses.
But perhaps the best part is something that money cant buy.
Still stunned from having won the night, my kids and mother and I all just stared at each othersomeone said Mine Train?
Megan was the VIP tour guide also provided to us for the evening.
It was also a confirmation of sorts that it all wasnt just my overactive imagination.Ring us OUT soaked.However when having just taken the most elegant and soothing bath, as a queen should, and having just rested my head on the most comfortable of pillows, and having just checked on my sleeping and contented children in their royal bedchamberI concluded this was all.You see once we arrive at the very front of that line we were given the choice of the front two cars or the back two cars.

You will only be able to use these gift cards online and at a physical Disney Store in the.S.
Unfortunately, almost everyone has to settle for dinner.
Then I went off, somewhere around midnight, to soak in the tub that had been beckoning me since we entered.
Past the fireplace and through the drawn curtains to the left was the sitting room, where above the drawers and mirrors was yet another magic mirror that turns into a tv, and all of our belongings were neatly tucked away in the closet doors along.
There will be more fluffy beds with canopies instead of sterile hospital beds and there will be more joy, more fun, and much, much, more magic.Yes, the front of every line.You must enter by midnight the night of March 3, 2013.The grand prize trip must be taken between June 1, 2013 and June 1, 2014.(the kids had waited for me to ride this one the previous day, knowing I hadnt been on it yet and wanting to experience it with me) and Megan, our lovely lady-in-waiting, said Off to the Mine Train!And again, not thinking and on cloud nine, I went right along with their plan.Filled with everything you would expect of a Royal residencesprinkled with some pixie dust.Holiday Time at Walt Disney World shutterfly 20 off coupon code 2016 - Don't Miss Any of It!The castle where millions of families and friends gather to take photos, propose marriage, watch their own children experience the wonder that comes to life each day out the windows below.I actually started to hyperventilate when they announced they would be giving away a stay in the suite!