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"Visa Gift/Green Dot cards: The choice of dealers everywhere!".
They cannot be bought with any other kind of gift card, including Walgreens gift cards (however, in CA, Walgreens is required by law to give you cash for the balance of a Walgreens Gift Card).Cardholders can shop around for their purchases, search for the best price and get exactly what they want.Can I make online purchases or pay bills online with my card?It may only be loaded once, at time of purchase, and it is not reloadable.

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What happens to unused card balances upon expiry?
This type of hold can take several days to clear.If the card has a balance after the expiry date shown on the front virtual dj discount of the card, the recipient can simply call to find out how to have a new card issued with the remaining balance carried over.Most Visa gift cards are automatically activated for in-person purchases once you buy them.Can recurring payments be made with an RBC Visa Gift Card?While your card may not have your name on it, you will still need to sign the back in order to use.If your card starts with the numbers 451016 and has an expiry date of November 2012 (11/12) or later, it is eligible to have funds carried forward to a new card after expiry.Your Visa gift card allows access to the prepaid funds only and does not represent a line of credit.

Keep the Card and purchase receipts, even after the balance is depleted, as you may be asked to present them in order to process the return.
The merchant will then prompt you to provide additional payment.