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Learn more about our.UTC 2: users registered; 70775 topics; 353793 posts; our newest member:Timothy Lee.Privacy and Cookie Policy.Share your experiences, log in now!"Origin, Diffusion, and Differentiation of Y-Chromosome Haplogroups E and J: Inferences on the Neolithization of Europe and Later Migratory Events in the Mediterranean Area".( link ) a b King, Roy.;."Tracing European founder Lineages in the Near Eastern mtDNA pool"."Greece's young: Dreams on hold as fight for jobs looms".

"Alexander's Gulf outpost uncovered".
"Argentina: Cultural Relations and Greek Community".
"Chapter 8: How Old is the Indo-European Language Family?
( link ) Semino, Ornella;."2013 Census ethnic group profiles: Greek "."Differential Greek and northern African migrations to Sicily are supported by genetic evidence from the Y chromosome"."Older Flags: 19 December 2008"."Correlation between genetic and geographic structure in Europe"."Sweden: Cultural Relations and Greek Community"."The Origin of Universities (University of Magnaura in Constantinople.