If you follow Brads Deals, you're likely always on the lookout for a way to save on you monthly cell phone bill.
Many cell phone carriers have deals with certain companies, government agencies and universities that offer discounts to employees and students.
If your current carrier does not offer discounts to your employer or your school, it might be worth the time to enter your email address at competing carriers to see if you can get a discount.
We did our best to put together a comprehensive list of all employee discounts on AT T, Sprint and Verizon, but if you don't see your company or university rose bush gift listed below, enter your work or school email address.
Before I send my submission to you.If you work at one of these places, enter your email address on AT T's discount page and you'll get an email with more information about your discount opportunities.H2 class'h3' Qualifying for your Verizon Wireless discount.By Rebecca Lehmann on April 06, 2018.However, if your employer isn't listed, that doesn't necessarily mean you're ineligible for a discount.What do I need to do to validate my employment or affiliation?(Last updated 4/6/2018 ).With just five lines on your account, you are eligible for big savings and benefits.To check if your company provides a discount contact your Human Resources department.

T-Mobile does have.
If you think your business is too small to enjoy the perks of the Verizon Wireless Business Program, we have good news.
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Choose a cell phone carrier below to jump to their list of employee wireless discounts: Verizon Wireless Discounts, we know the following companies have discount deals with Verizon.li /ul div class'clear36' /div p These are general guidelines.I submitted my submission less than five days ago.We were able to confirm the service discounts that Sprint offers for employees of the following companies.Fill out the form below.

Of course we have lots of deals on the hottest smartphones around, but your savings don't have to stop after you buy a new phone-you may be eligible for a service discount just for having a job! .
Check out our list of employer discounts from Verizon, AT T and Sprint.
I have a question regarding my employment validation or affiliation.