Dashboard Jesus, for the holy rollers out there, this dashboard Jesus will be a gift theyll want to keep.
Civet Coffee Take a break from the too-fancy, overly-sweet beverages of todays coffee culture, and choose something that goes back to coffees roots while remaining unique enough to satisfy a sophisticated palate.
These naughty pigs just dont know how to behave on buy prepaid visa gift card online the dinner table.No matter your guys likes and personality, you can find plenty of awesomely unusual gifts hes sure to use and love.5.99 Progressive Microwave Smores Maker If youre looking for a gift thats a little smore interesting, this microwave smores maker is a really sweet idea.Beardski Ski Mask, the Beardski Ski Mask is all that is man, so pick one up for the awesome man on your gift list.No pump required, just a few swishes through the air.Its made from a 16-foot parachute cord thats accessed by unraveling the bracelet.OCD Cutting Board Satisfy your OCD with this unique kitchen tool.Its not a big gift, in fact you could say its minute.Happy Pills And Chill Pills Free Printable Labels This is the sweetest DIY gift, and it can be rustled up in a matter of seconds.

Campfire Cologne, light up a piece (or several) of real cedar, oak, or birch wood chips and bask in the glorious, authentic campfire smell.
13.23 Sizzling Bacon Novelty Exploding Candy Theres nothing quite like the sound of bacon sizzling in the pan.
Is there a wannabe lumberjack whose chin is still as soft as a babys bottom?7.79 Battery Powered Cinematic Light Box Make someones dream come true by letting them see their name in lights!We would take a nibble but wed be scaredhesaurus.Keep the light steady Eddie, flashing fast and furiously, or lazily blinking for a totally flashy look.Shopping for the latest goods in home, garden and personal care?Need to tell them something?Sugru Sugru is a nifty little tool with a variety of uses.Theyre shaped like an electric and acoustic guitar so depending on which song is playing, you can pick the right instrument to play along.You can bend three fingers down to make it point, or a couple fingers and a thumb to give the peace sign, or three fingers and the thumb to give the one finger salute.Its a tough yet lightweight utensil thats perfect for dorm rooms, man caves, and meals by the campfire.