ultimate reward current account terms and conditions

(c if you choose to select a product that is not in the win 10 sound issues same category as the original Product purchased, or choose to have the replacement value paid out in the form of promo code for hatfield and mccoy dinner show a store credit, your Gold Services Extras will cease.
5.3.9 Courier Costs, if Your Product is serviced by Concierge Gold Service Extras and requires repair and We request the product be sent to Our repairer, We will pay for the cost to courier best home win leagues or freight the product, excluding any barge or ferry costs, from.
5.3.7 Reimbursement for Specific Product Failures.
If Your fridge or freezer breaks down, notify the Concierge Team and You will receive a 100 eftpos card for food spoilage.No waiting period applies when making a claim for food spoilage and You will not be required to provide any receipts.If this is the case, the following applies; (a).The Concierge Team will make arrangements for Your product to be repaired.5.3.2 Repair Terms, repairs and/or costs associated with repairs to Your Product will be at no cost to You provided they are not otherwise excluded as noted in Section.2 below.5.3.4 Repair Guarantee, if the repair of Your Product is not completed within thirty (30) days from the date We first inspect it, subject to You being available for any appointment reasonably proposed by our Authorised Service Agent or the date We receive Your Product.If the product selected is of a greater value than the original Product purchased, You will be required to pay any difference in the price of the replacement product.5.3.1 Repair and Replacement Terms, in the event of a Mechanical or Electrical Failure of the Product, if We cannot solve the problem by phone when You call the Concierge Line, We may: (a have Our approved repairer carry out repairs to the Product;.

5.3.3 Replacement Terms, determining the most appropriate like for like replacement will be at our discretion and the replacement product We supply may have a lower selling price and is not limited to the original manufacturer of Your Product.
Admins, yes, yes, yes, allow typing a number to apply the amount of points spent.
Buyers _ Yes Yes Identify reward points by their custom icons and labels Buyers Yes Yes Yes Be informed about reward points status: balance updates, point expiration Buyers Yes Yes Yes Be able to keep track of transaction history: Balance, Changes, Expiration date and Status.If the manufacturer or their agents only offer a refurbished part or product swap facility, We may replace the Product with a refurbished product of the same type, rather than repairing.This means that while Your current purchased Product is already covered, You will also have access to Our Repair Network for any existing Larger Items in Your home.If repairs are required to be undertaken at an approved repairers premises, We will bear all cost to remove and re-install and to transport the product to and from those premises for Larger Items.For the purposes of this Concierge Gold Service Extras, the replacement in this instance will be deemed a repair.Boost your customer loyalty effortlessly - from buyers to loyal customers - OR, pre-order, feature Comparison Table, features.If Your product is faulty and classified as an Essential Appliance and the Concierge repair network cant fix the problem within 10 days, Youll receive a 100 allowance as an eftpos card.Admins, yes, yes, yes, configure the point spending slider, admins, yes, yes, yes, configure the checkbox Spend the maximum of my reward points.You must notify and provide Us with an itemised invoice within fourteen (14) days of Your return to Australia as well as proof of travel (flight itinerary or booking confirmation).If the product selected is of a lesser value than the original product purchased, no refund of the difference in price will be provided.

Even though the cost of the replacement product is of a greater value than the original Product purchased.