P9_to_Windows_10_m, you need to add P 9 program files to the exceptions list of Windows 10 firewall in order to allow P 9 to send information to or from your computer through the Windows firewall.
The Rule Type screen appears.
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Help your clients update their books with only those transactions which have been modified while filing returns.Special Keys for Voucher Narration Field altr: Recalls the Last narration saved for the first ledger in the voucher, irrespective of the voucher type.For example, if you are purchasing goods from Supplier jeep raffle 2016 A for a value.Use Auto Cheque Numbering: To fetch cheque numbers automatically to the Bank Allocation, set this option to Yes.The Profile screen is displayed to specify the profile for which this rule applies.

Img-42, set the options, as required.
P 9 marks all vouchers in which changes are made.
Select This program path.
P 9 detects and helps in correcting errors when you are preparing data for filing GST returns.
CtrlV As Voucher You can toggle between Invoice mode and Voucher mode, by clicking on this option on the Button Bar or pressing CtrlV or vice-versa.Use Defaults for Bill Allocations: Setting this option to Yes will allocate promotion code for cpap com the Bill Numbers automatically as defined in voucher type master in ascending order. If this option is set to No, Print Default Name and Address of Party will be enabled for configuring.Enter the Name and the Description (optional), if required. This is useful to record all the Inventory movements in books of account.