sweets to make as gifts

Get the recipe: Nutella truffles, this is an image 4.
Get the recipe: Raspberry coconut ice This is an image 9 of 19 Peppermint creams A childhood classic, peppermint creams are so easy and fun to make.
Get the recipe for chocolate domino biscuits.
Get the recipe for.
Get the recipe for meringue snowmen.You cant go wrong with the gift of snacks, whether you go savory, sweet, or a uniquely you coupon code combo of both.Get the recipe: Candy floss This is an image 14 of 19 Marshmallow swizzle sticks Marshmallow covered with chocolate and sprinkles - what's not to love about these marshmallow swizzle sticks?Get the recipe for 'Snickers' truffles.

Packaged up in a nice jar with pretty ribbon, flavored sugars and sauces make a wonderful hostess gift.
Theres no need to stress for gift ideas when you can make these tasty bites from white chocolate truffles to candy floss, weve got plenty of sweet recipes for you to try.
Apple, prune and ginger pickle Step 1: Throw all the pickle ingredients into a large pan for an hour.She'll give you plenty of tips along the way to make sure you get them spot on every time.With a soft sponge base, a tangy citrus jelly and smooth dark chocolate they have all the flavours you would expect but are just so, so much better!Get the recipe for white chocolate matcha bark.Medjool dates and raw peanuts are coated in dark chocolate to make a delicious snack. .Get the recipe for mulled cranberry and red onion chutney.Salted caramels, chewy, fudgy and irresistible, these homemade sea salt caramels are the best way to say Merry Christmas!If you keep old biscuit tins these would look really impressive packaged up as one.Great for a summer gathering, served with tonic water and lots of ice.

We've got a really easy video to follow to make sure you nail the step by step every time, giving your perfect homemade chocolates to give to your family and friends for the next special occasion you have coming.