Adopt a leopard and make a difference!
Adopt a rhino before they disappear altogether!
Click here to Sponsor an Animal with the Aspinall Foundation.Trees make your own christmas gift tags online are important part of reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere, which affects panda habitats.Learn more about the challenges facing these arctic explorers.Adopt an animal today and do your bit for the wildlife and nature conservation kroger fuel rewards gift cards effort.What you get in your adoption pack: Cuddly elephant toy.What you get in your adoption pack: Cuddly turtle toy Turtle adoption certificate Regular updates much more!Humans are contributing to the destruction of the species by clearing precious lion habitat in favour of agriculture or grazing livestock not to mention illegal lion poaching.When you adopt an animal from WWF, you will receive a gift pack which includes an adoption certificate, a print of your animal, facts about the adopted species, a greetings card, tips on how to follow a greener lifestyle, WWF computer screensavers, and a soft.

Adopt a Rhino One of the most endangered species on the planet the statistics showing the decline of the Rhino make for extremely unpleasant reading one of the 5 distinct sub-species, the Javan rhino having only 70 remaining animals in the wild.
Learn more about the demise of these beautiful bears at m and start making a difference while you can by choosing to adopt a panda.
Be responsible when outdoors, such as by picking up trash and not wasting food, water, and other resources.
3 Recycle wood, plastic, and other resources.See below for more information.What you get in your adoption pack: Cuddly Panda toy, panda adoption certificate.If someone cant donate or volunteer, they can use less water, recycle paper, or drive less.The WWF is working tirelessly to preserve these creatures and to protect their marine environment from further damage and degradation.What you get in your adoption pack: Giraffe desktop wallpaper A certificate for your chosen giraffe Free entry to one of their animal parks in Kent A monthly e-newsletter A giraffe fact sheet Adopt a Leopard There are only around 35 Amur Leopards remaining.Contact your local government or waste disposal service to enroll in a recycling program.Their numbers slashed through the destruction of their habitat and through hunting for use in traditional Chinese medicines, there are now so few adult animals remaining from which to breed that their extinction is certain without immediate action.You can help pandas from your home even if you can't donate.

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