Pass the word or contact Dior's Oak Lawn,.
3 floors that had a dancefloor in the middle.
An upscale, cosmopolitan club for Atlanta's black population over age.
Sadly now a crappy preppie bowling alley bar with another name.They had Jeff Mills (a.k.a.Echo the Bunnymen hung out there during a tour.On the dance floor, reliant energy promo code 2017 you'd see look a likes of David Bowie, ABC, Cyndi Lauper, Prince, Duranies, not many Madonnas.I was every popcorn pimps nightmare!

Trinity Hamburg, Germany Ca 1978 to 1988.
As a pilot, I've been to clubs all over the USA.
The mix was eppies, goths, new wavers and your occasional rockers.City Gardens Trenton,.J.Street-level drew eastbay promo code december 2017 you in for 10 (80s, we love you) with a line that wrapped round the block in the blacked-out warehouse district under the Bay Bridge.The Circle was the place to be!And a whole lot more.