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In most cases " is the proper way: polite, effective and simple.
A newly married couple used to need wedding gifts and bridal showers to help set up their household.
A Wishing Well/Money Tree - These are also lovely tasteful ways to receive money from your guests.After all, once upon a time (and even still, to the most etiquette-picky in the world) any kind of wedding registry was considered tacky.Wedding Gifts: Asking for Money, by Nina Callaway, updated 02/18/17.Something that will always be gratefully received, however, is money!Wedding gifts of any kind should never be mentioned on an invitation or even sent with the invitation; to do so implies that a guest is required to give you a present.

Should We Still Register?
So are these options okay, or tacky?
Honeymoon Registries, Create-a-Gift, Mortgage Registry, companies have now created registries that are essentially veiled ways of asking for money.A Polite Notice In Your Invitation - One thing you don't want to sound is 'greedy' or 'rude' when suggesting for your guests to offer you money, and a polite little notice at the end or attached separately to your invite would be ideal.I suggest putting together a modest wedding registry for these guests.If it doesn't attract the target's attention, you just need to repeat it louder." is better than " for the same reason.Spare cash can be put towards bills, mortgages, your honeymoon or even to pay for some of the wedding.A wedding invitation should simply convey that you would like someone to be there at a very special occasion.As these become more common to use, it's likely that any tackiness will become a thing of the past.But in today's culture, with the average marrying age rising, many people have already established households before they get married.We've compiled a few ways to ask below, to make things a little easier for you!