Cortana Services may allow you to access services, information or functionality provided by other Microsoft Services or Third Party Apps and Services.
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Microsoft, its vicarious agents and/or its legal representatives shall not be liable for any indirect damage, including financial loss, such as loss of profit, unless Microsoft, its vicarious agents and/or its legal representative have at least acted with gross negligence or willful misconduct.
Through Microsoft Groove, Microsoft Films TV, Store and any other related and future services, Microsoft may enable you to obtain, listen to, view, play or read (as the case may be) music, images, video, text, books, games or other material ( "Digital Goods" ) that.Full text Skype and GroupMeSkype and GroupMe14e_Skype Summary.Open and being used such that the Microsoft Edge icon is highlighted in the task bar, indicating that it is the app currently in use and engaging with the browser to view websites, watch videos in the browser, check email or other uses for which.Your bank might charge you additional fees for those services when you use a debit or credit card.If you do not use your Skype Credit for a period of 180 days, Skype will place your Skype Credit on inactive status.

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Check PC to determine graphics chip compatibility.
With respect to jurisdiction, you and Microsoft agree to choose the courts of the country to which we direct your Services where you have your habitual residence (or, if a business, where your principal place of business is located) for all disputes arising out.
For further information on geographic and export restrictions, visit m/fwlink/?linkid868968 and m/exporting.By authorising recurring payments, you are authorising Microsoft to store your payment instrument and process such payments as either electronic debits or fund transfers, or as electronic drafts from your designated account (for Automated Clearing House or similar payments or as charges to your designated.For use of cost-free and paid consumer Skype-branded software and Services, you're contracting with, and all references to "Microsoft" in these Terms mean, Skype Communications.à.r.l, 23 29 Rives de Clausen, L-2165 Luxembourg.If there is a charge associated with a portion of the Services, you agree to pay that charge.Xbox Live and Microsoft Studios Games and Applications.The Services may also include virtual, digital items or goods that may be purchased from Microsoft using actual monetary instruments or using game currency.