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Cod IW knife gameplay.
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Our second last class of weapons before we get that Solar Camo, we have LMG's today to show you some tips on how you can get the Diamond Camo in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.We have Shotguns coming tomorrow with Solar Camo coming soon.I live stream myself playing competitive Call of Duty, alongside my friends and/or competitive teammates.Arc North - Ivory, subscribe here: /housecitysub, free Download: /2c7lfe7.Twitter: m/OTBeanTV, twitch Stream: /otbeantv, lIKE AND subscribe FOR more content!Leaderboards, Custom Emblems, and Combat Record in the COD Infinite Warfare.08 update?

How to G-Slide: How to Get Better at IW: How to Improve K/D: How to Stay Alive: How to Improve Aim: How to Get Scorestreaks Fast: How to Level Up Fast: If you enjoyed this video, please rate the video with a like.
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COD IW: Dropping 60 kills without lethal streaks.
Added my reaction as I struggled in my last game to get Diamond on the LMG's.
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Download videos: hd720 medium, in this Call of Duty news video, Isaac talks about the new COD Infinite Warfare update patch.08 that was just released!
What are the COD.08 Patch Notes?