how to gift sticker line ios

Lines home market Japan is its largest market with some 40 million users, and unsurprisingly the country accounts for a whopping 80 percent of its revenues.
In feature phone of line app, the sticker gift feature is not available.
You can only send gift paid stickers, for free stickers you can share it via share button on your iOS or Android line app.
Why Some Stickers Can Not Be Gift.
On the next screen pick any line Friends image for the gift, it doesnt matter which one, its only for cosmetic.The news means an rude dog leather discount code end to the gifting function that allows iOS users to send the stickers which are a kind of rich emoticon that typically sell for.49-1.99 per pack to friends, and will also mean an end to users being able to buy Line Coins.That would suggest that Line has fallen foul of a different Apple regulation but, at this point, isnt clear exactly which one.Line has done a great job level 33 pokemon go rewards to make the process user-friendly.Weve reached out to Apple and Line to see if either how much is the gift tax for 2017 can shed more light on this.Gift Character you wish to use.The next step is to use your preferred payment method using your line coins, line credit, credit card or credit carrier.If there is a validity date for the stickers, the days of validity will start to countdown from the date of download.

We have also made a winter version of our line icon.
Including how to download gifted stickers.
Tap the stickers you want to use while in the Gift Box and then tap.
Youll be able to find all of your downloaded stickers here.Each region has a different payment method.On the left side of the screen, make sure.Sending and receipt sticker line is easy peasy, right?You may choose more than one friends.