greek word for gifted

The Sun (2009)Natural midfielder who is blossoming as a versatile and gifted young star.
Pronunciations with similarly intrusive vowels are also heard, though with less currency, for other words, as fil-uh m 1st day of school gifts for students /fl m/ for film, el-uh m /l m/ for elm, and ahr-thuh-rahy-tis /r ra ts/ for arthritis, rather than the standard film /flm elm /lm and ahr-thrahy-tis /rra ts/.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)Only the best is good enough for a person as beautiful, intelligent, gifted and charming as yourself.
Historical Examples of athlete, the athlete was not so far off that she needed to call very loud.
In this sense, Old English had plegmann "play-man." Athlete's foot first recorded 1928, for an ailment that has been around much longer.Swahili, adiah, god's gift or God's ornaments, girl.However, gifted students can get more from vocabulary and spelling study than: writing the word five times, writing the definition, and using it in lens com coupon code discount a sentence.Once the pregnancy test is confirmed, the next thing parents do is hunt for a name for their arriving baby.

Swahili, adia, a gift, or a gift from the God.
M Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc.
Idioms were my next target.Help your students learn to explore the depth and complexity of words.Early 15c., from Latin athleta "a wrestler, athlete, combatant in gucci mini gift set public games from Greek athletes "prizefighter, contestant in the games agent noun from athlein "to contest for a prize related to athlos "a contest" and athlon "a prize of unknown origin.The Sun (2006)There is a pattern of discovery for a gifted musician.The pronunciations containing the extra syllable are usually considered nonstandard, in spite of their widespread use on radio and television.When an athlete, of any race, thanks God after an impressive feat, nobody takes note.

Provide them with lists so they can explore and develop their own punny examples.
Definitely look at the link, but bound is an example since it means moving (My train was bound for Portland) and immobile (I was bound and gagged.).
Cognates are an interesting way to find parallels across languages.