gifts of three wise kings

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Psalm 72:11 (King James Version) "Magi".
Over the centuries, various supposedly scientific theories have been put forth concerning this purported phenomenon that turn out to be all for naught, because this theme reveals itself to be an old mythical motif.
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In its composition it follows the oriental style, which renders a courtly scene, with the Virgin and Christ facing the spectator, while the Magi devoutly approach from the (left) side.Jud., ix and."Rather than representing a 'historical' event surrounding the birth of a Jewish messiah, the star at the coming of the savior can be found in the myths of Egypt.".From some such part of the Parthian Empire the Magi came.42 Sempad the Constable, elder brother of King Hetoum I of Cilician Armenia, visited the Mongol court in Karakorum in and in 1254.Beginning in the 12th century, and very often by the 15th, the Kings also represent the three parts of the known (pre-Columbian) world in Western art, especially in Northern Europe.quot; from Commentary on Matthew 2:16 See Metzger, 2329 for a lengthy account "Melchior".John Chrysostom suggested that the gifts were fit to be given not just to a king but to God, and contrasted them with the Jews' traditional offerings of sheep and calves, and accordingly Chrysostom asserts that the Magi worshiped Jesus as God.

Irenaeus gives us the Johannine tradition.
Magus Mary Boyce, A History of Zoroastrianism: The Early Period (Brill, 1989, 2nd.
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11, Paris 1987 Journey of the Magi, Paul William Roberts, (2006) Tauris Parke Paperbacks, pgs 27-38 "Sant' Eustorgio I di Milano".The position of a fixed star in the heavens varies at most one degree each day.Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 1998.It is also traditional to prepare food and drink for the camels, because this is the only night of the year when they eat.Herodotus (I, ci) is our authority for supposing that the Magi were the sacred caste of the Medes.Omnia autem vestimenta eorum Syriaca sunt.58 There are several traditions on where the remains of the Magi are located, although none of the traditions is considered as an established fact or even as particularly likely by secular history.More recent commentators, not tied to the traditional feast days, may suggest a variety of intervals.Isbn Powell, Mark Allan.

Acta Sanctorum, May, I, 1780.
Spanish customs edit The Three Wise Men receiving children at a shopping centre in Spain.
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