gifts and hospitality declaration form

Definition of Gifts and Hospitality, the expressions gifts and hospitality win motorcycle 2017 have wide meanings and no conclusive definition is possible.
Always report to the Monitoring Officer any circumstances where an inappropriate gift or hospitality has been offered to you.
Such circumstances will include gifts and hospitality: (i) From parties involved with the Council in a procurement process.
As birthday or Christmas presents) that are not related to your position as a member.(ii) From applicants for planning permission, licences, consents and approvals.Members are also recommended to register gifts or hospitality over 25 that have been offered but declined.It is a criminal offence corruptly to solicit or receive any gift, reward or advantage as an inducement to doing or forbearing to do anything in respect of any transaction involving the Council.You could be accused of breaking the law or the Code of Conduct, or your personal reputation and that of the Council can be seriously jeopardised.General Advice, in certain circumstances the acceptance of gifts and hospitality can be lawful and appropriate as provided for by the Members Code of Conduct.(d) Not to accept a gift or hospitality if you believe it will put you under any obligation to the provider as a consequence.

If you have any suspicion that the motive behind the gift or hospitality is an inducement or reward you should decline.
Examples of Unacceptable Gifts and Hospitality (a) Paid holiday, leisure travel or accommodation (b) Use of an individual or organisations flat or hotel (c) Non- reciprocal invitations to high-profile or prestige events, unless specifically authorised on behalf of the Council (d) Cash gifts (e) Significant.
You may later be required to assist the Police in providing evidence.
Limits of this guidance, this guidance does not apply to: Gifts and hospitality from family and friends (eg.
Tickets for cultural and entertainment events which are sponsored or promoted by the Council, and the tickets are offered in relation to that sponsorship or promotion.Common gifts include pens, diaries, calendars and other business stationery, articles of clothing, books, flowers and bouquets.In deciding whether it is appropriate to accept any gift or hospitality you are advised to apply the following principles: (a) You should not accept a gift or hospitality as an inducement or reward for anything you do as a member.The above requirement includes an accumulation of offers of gifts or hospitality from the same source which together exceed the 25 threshold.However, there is no obligation to make a declaration in relation to gifts and hospitality on the register which are at or below 25 in value.

When you complete and send the on-line form the Monitoring Officer is notified automatically.