They then concentrate at Chester and Cheraw, abandoning the central part of south Carolina.
A Union push toward Ptersburg by Major General Benjamin Butler defeats a confederate counterattack at Arrowfield Church Butler does not pursue the defeated confederates.
Johnston has no choice but to move south, hoping once again to entice Sherman into battle on ground favorable to defense.
April 21 wwii, 1943 Squadron RAF.It results in the halting of ball-bearing production for some time.Two Union Potomacs cavalry chief Philip Sheridan advance south from Bethesda Church and drive off Confederate cavalry holding the Cold Harbor crossroads.August 19 wwii, 1944 Western Front, France Allied units have closed the Falaise pocket two weeks after the Canadian First Army launched Operation Totalize to cut off the encircled German troops.Union Major General Robert Pattersons division, having crossed the Potomac River near Williamsport, marches on the main road to Martinsburg, near Hokes run.Schofield repel piecemeal Confederate attacks as Union forces move through the area to Franklin.The Civil War, 1864 Virginia, Land War: The Battle of Chester Station.July 24 The Civil War, 1864 Virginia, Land War The Battle of Winchester.May 3 wwii, 1944 Politics: Japan Admiral Soemu Toyoda is appointed commander-in-chief of the Japanese Combined Fleet.October 2 The Civil War, 1864 Virginia, Land War The Battle of Saltville.

Second, it means that Pembertons army, outnumbered and out-generaled, has to face Grant alone.
This decision has always caused speculation, as he was the only Nazi leader thus targeted.
The Unions II and IV Corps move to cut the Weldon Railroad, a supply line to Petersburg.The Vietnam War, 1971 Laos, Ground War President Thieu announces that some units of South Vietnamese troops have gone into Laos in order to interdict the enemy supply routes and troop concentrations as part of Operation Lam Son-719.October 28 The Civil War, 1864 Missouri, Land War The Battle of Newtonia.On the 24th, the US 4th Marine Division lands on the island of Tinian.Union losses are 3,600.August 3 wwii, 1944 Far East, Burma The Japanese withdraw from Myitkyina following an 11-week blockade by Allied forces.Sterling Price has led the Confederacys second big attempt to break the Union hold on Missouri.During the first lift, 61 gliders are used, although only 35 reach their target.Prices doomed expedition suffers further heavy loses after a Union artillery and infantry attack at Marais des Cygnes Missouri, Land War The Battle of Marmiton River/Shiloh Creek/Charlots Farm.