Finally, the Valor BD-11 lacks Westside (1) hole spacing.
Squat stands are much less expensive than half racks and power racks, but unless you already own a wall or ceiling mounted pull-up bar, I do suggest you spend a little extra to get stands with a pull-up bar; worth every penny.
I have one exception to my position on commercial-style squat cowboysindians com giveaway racks, and that is for the few of you out there that have a basement gym rather than a garage gym.This rack is the ultimate have your cake and eat aussizz group pte voucher india it too unit the compromise between expensive and junk.You can literally turn your power rack into a full gym.Will the bar rub against the wall?Does the rack offer anchor holes?This fellow has both the Titan HD and the R-3 and he compares both of them side-by-side.

Total distance from wall to outside of rack.
Rogue S Series Squat Stands Rogue Fitness S-series Squat Stand Made in USA Price starts at 345 This is the economical Rogue squat stand option.
Power Rack Guide Suggestions Summary My suggestion for most people with normal one or two-car garages with an average budget is going to be the Rogue R-3 Power Rack or the Rogue HR-2.
As with all wall-mounted units, a stringer may be necessary.Now it used to be that you had to go with a commercial vendor for colored racks, but now even Rogue offers the RLM-690 in a multitude of colors and that is a hell of a lot nicer looking rack.Wait until you can afford to do it the right (and safe) way.Drawbacks to this half rack include lighter-duty J-cups than youd find on a Rogue or similar racks, short overall height of 85 (pull-up bar looks to be about 83 according to schematic no other accessory compatibility, and a complete lack of customer reviews.Get the parts that you want, not the ones you dont. .It is available in both a 23 and 33 configuration, and in both 7 and 8 heights (for four total options ranging from 315 to 400).That being said it has most of the basic accessories covered fairly well, the price is decent, and its 11-gauge steel, so itll hold some solid weight.True commercial squat racks offer almost no versatility.

If youre serious about working out at home, then youre going to want some form of power rack or squat rack in your garage gym in order to get the most out of those workouts.
Example of Rogues stabilizer.
I suggest that you watch this video before you blow your cash on this poorly designed power rack.