difference between gifted and talented students

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Talent is having an ability at something, often a natural ability, that is better than most people's level ofability.
You can be born with these, or work up to them.
You can also choose to go to a special gifted class with people who are also gifted to get a full grasp of your abilities.What is your desire in life?Each individual is like cell of a human body.Can easily support creativity.They are problem solvers who tend to think in the abstract and discount tire store tempe az are often perfectionists.Senate Employment Workplace Relations Small Business and Education References Committee., 2001, The education of gifted children.

Pretorius,., 2001, Gifted Students in Secondary Schools: Differentiating the Curriculum ( 2nd edition gerric, University of NSW.
4-year-old with an IQ of 140.
Polyglot (learn/know a lot of languages) * Drawing/ Portraits * Dancing to different types of music * Playing different sports (Football, Soccer, Volleyball) * Different Fashion Styles *communication *making the environment lighter *smart worker *observer *body language *creative *capacity to establish rules *capability to take.
Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, and self control.Gifted and talented children frequently are separated out from the normal educational system because they are far ahead of the rest of their class and have difficulty finding an education curriculum that is challenging enough for them.Creativity may as the child may be engrossed in his/her own world creativity.You need to be a logical thinker.Attitude is the way we act towards others.Careful users of the language make a distinction between the two words.Z., 2002, Gifted children: A guide for parents and teachers.