It reminds us of a time when Microsoft Messenger was used to enbridge gas furnace rebate share links that would redirect users to a malicious website, and, as these recent cases have proven, if it has worked before, then it can work again.
Upon completing the survey, the victim is urged to send the message to 20 other contacts in order to receive a 250 voucher.
The scam works by using a link which appears almost identical to a supermarket chain's legitimate website, but with one small difference.The scam is a form of phishing, where fraudsters pose as reputable organisations to gain personal details.Other variants, it seems that this initial campaign was quite profitable for the scammers because, since then, we have seen similar cases materialize (at least a new one every week).Commissariato di PS online Italia, ha diffuso un emory conference center hotel discount code annuncio per mettere in guardia tutti i suoi fan.A spokesperson for Action Fraud told the BBC, "from what we can see, you would have to put certain details in to be discount denver frontier airlines in trouble, but it would depend on the device as all the scams are different, and some can download malware on your.

How does it work?
Questa volta si parla di un coupon Carrefour e ancora una volta si tratta di una truffa che può avere conseguenze molto importanti: qualora si caschi, a rischio sono tutti i dati presenti nello smartphone, comprese le e-mail e le password.
Why did I get it?
Non ci sono voucher in regalo, né buoni spesa da 250 euro: si tratta del più classico degli specchietti per le allodole ideato per rubare dati a utenti ignari e costringerli a installare app malevole in grado di prendere il controllo del dispositivo mobile, trasformando.People who clicked the links contained in the WhatsApp messages are sent to a survey.Nonostante lo schema sia il solito, però, il numero di utenti che abbocca allennesima truffa sul web è in costante crescita, tanto che.Insomma, come dice il vecchio moto, fidarsi era un uomo, ma non fidarsi era un galantuomo.Fake WhatsApp fools Android users 'We lost 300,000 through payment scam'.So far, 33 people have come forward to report falling victim to the scam, although it is unclear how many people have received the message.If, however, a person tries to visit the homepages for Aldi misspelled with the dotted character it sends them to an error page from a website which is not the supermarket's.To benefit from this deal, the user needs to register their personal data, including their name, email, mobile phone number, address and so forth.

Over the last few weeks weve seen an increase in fake vouchers purporting to be from different shops being spread throughout the world via WhatsApp.