During the process RAI employed Brass Extrusion Labs Ltd.
Because of this range limitation, this article will explain why trajectory and wind drift, among high intensity and magnum big game calibers, are virtually identical for practical purposes and therefore should normally not be factors for selecting a big game caliber.
This contradicts the conventional wisdom that the.30-06 holds that title.Below is an example of just how good the.5/06.264 Win Mag.140 grain SP bullet, 3,150 fps, loaded with.0 gr hodgon h1000.5/06.140 grain SP bullet, 3,005 fps, loaded with.0 gr IMR 4350 Source.Nine game weight classes and four shooting distances are represented, collectively representing 36 distinct hunting scenarios. .For a few factory loads, equivalent handloading data could not be found, so I extrapolated to estimate powder weights. .

Barnes, Frank., Cartridges of the World 8th Edition, edited.
I remember when it was first introduced in '78, it really caught peoples attention.
Hold Over-Under (in) / Wind Drift (in) / OGW (lb) fps fp-8lb 50 Yds 100 Yds 200 Yds 300 Yds 400 Yds 300 RUM (1).
25 28 Finland : Finnish Defence Forces Sako TRG-42 France : French Army, gign and Commandement des Opérations Spéciales PGM 338 citation needed, Sako TRG-42, awsm Georgia : Police and military - Accuracy International AWM and Sako TRG series, as well as Satevari mswp.
Cone-angle for the.338 Lapua Magnum is 6) cone area finished first and second at several long range competitions.This for rifles very high maximum allowed chamber pressure level indicates that the cases of the.300 and.338 Lapua Magnum are built extremely sturdy to cope with this for rifles very high operating pressure."Special Forces - Wapens" (in Dutch).Since shooting game beyond this distance is rarely practical, the slightly flatter trajectories of these calibers results in disproportionately more recoil in relation to their power levels.Tdcc sheet 300 Lapua Mag" (PDF).The 7mm-08 Rem christmas gift promotion also has a Managed Recoil load with almost identical ballistics.

All sizes in millimeters (mm).
This is normal practice for active high performance precision rifle operators who regard barrels as expendable items.
With the procurement by the Dutch Army, the cartridge became nato codified.